Miss Sarah Rebeira

Religious Education Coordinator

Personal Message:

As educational leaders, we are blessed with the opportunity to empower our students to become confident and resilient learners, nurturing their ability to challenge themselves, take risks, think critically and reflect upon their learning. 

Our children will be the leaders of tomorrow, and as such we aim to provide them with a diverse and inclusive curriculum, fostering high expectations whilst pushing the boundaries of innovation and contemporary classroom practice.

Professional Experience:

Sarah joined the St Therese community in 2016 and has been teaching in the Catholic school system for 7 years. She has held various leadership roles in the areas of Wellbeing, eLearning, Numeracy and Religious Education.

Sarah has presented at various educational conferences and workshops on innovative pedagogies and classroom practice.

Professional Interests:

I am passionate about nurturing and fostering the spiritual development of each individual and developing collective teacher efficacy in the areas of Religious Education and Digital Technologies. I am a lifelong learner and therefore am always interested in keeping up to date with contemporary research and sharing my learning with others.